Tuesday, August 28, 2012

507. Nineteen Seventy Seven – David Peace

History: This book was written in 2000, and is the second novel in the Red Riding Quartet Series. 
Plot: Half-decent copper Bob Fraser and burnt-out hack Jack Whitehead would be considered villains in most people's books. They have one thing in common, though. They're both desperate men dangerously in love with Chapeltown whores. And as the summer moves remorselessly towards the bonfires of Jubilee Night, the killings accelerate, and it seems as if Fraser and Whitehead are the only men who suspect or care that there may be more than one killer at large.
Review: David Peace brings the Yorkshire Ripper's story to light from the perspectives of a detective and a reporter. The year 1977 is only part of a time line in the career of a violent serial killer. Victims are tortured and mutilated, mostly targeted prostitutes. One young teenager, obviously not a “working woman” is found dead which heightens the fear of all. The characters' viewpoints of the crime investigations are even more disturbing as both become involved with prostitutes in the area while uncovering clues and searching for the killer. Lies are told to hide the affairs, a marriage falls apart.
It is painful to read about how emotionally involved the case becomes for all, and still the crimes go unresolved in the end. Nineteen Seventy Seven is part of a quartet series (1970, 1977, 1980, 1983)
Opening Line: “Tuesday 24rth December, 1977. Down the Strafford stairs and out the door.”
Closing Line: “No future.”
Quotes: Their bodies lying naked in the streets of the city.”
Rating: Horrible.

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