Tuesday, December 29, 2009

307. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day – Winifred Watson

History: This book was written in 1935.
Plot: Poor timid Miss Pettigrew who has spent a blameless and latterly miserable 40 years being respectable and doing her duty as befits the position of a gentlewoman. Forced to earn her living as a rather under qualified governess and facing unemployment at the beginning of the story her situation.. Miss Pettigrew is hungry, homeless and entirely alone in the world. By mistake, she is sent to the home of Miss LaFosse, in order to be a governess. Upon entering the house, she immediately becomes friends with Miss LaFosse, and helps her with some man troubles. Then they have some drinks, and a friend comes over, and Miss Pettigrew helps her with her man troubles. Then they get dressed up and go out to a club, and Miss Pettigrew meets a man named Joe who is attracted to her. In the end, Miss Pettigrew helps Miss La Fosse become engaged to the man that will be the best to her, and also becomes her housekeeper, since she has no children.
Review: I wish I could solve my friends' problems as easily or that on the few occasions when I have succeeded, I would have reaped such glorious rewards. It was entertaining in a Seinfeld episode sort of way to watch Miss Pettigrew having her wicked fun while rescuing the flighty and indecisive Miss LaFosse from disastrous men.
Winifred Watson could be the grandmother of chick lit. Once in a while even this grandmother can be entertained reading about a woman who is having a harder time than I ever did and coming out of it better than I ever have.
Opening Line: “Miss Pettigrew pushed open the door of the employment agency and went in as the clock struck a quarter past nine.”
Closing Line: “I think,” said Miss Pettigrew. “I have a beau at last.”
Quotes: 'It's no use, we women just can't help ourselves. When it comes to love we're born adventurers.'
Rating: Okay.

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