Saturday, July 18, 2009

143. City Primeval – Elmore Leonard

August 2008
History: Published in 1980.
Plot: A story about a detective who is trying to arrest this white trash guy, and he is in love with his lawyer. The white trash has committed the murders, and he knows how to evade arrest, but he gets his in the end.
Review: I listened to this book, narrated by Frank Muller. The characters weren’t too believable. I’m not a big fan of these types of detective stories. Oh well.
Opening Line: ‘In the matter of Alvin B Guy, Judge of recorders court, city of Detroit: the investigation of the judicial tenure commission found the respondent guilty of misconduct in office and conduct clearly prejudicial to the administration of justice.”
Closing Line: “After a little while Raymond picked up the opener from the desk and began paring the nail of his right index finger with the sharply pointed hooked edge.”
Quotes: “I think you’re afraid of women, “ the girl from The News said. “I think that’s the root of the problem.”
Rating: Mediocre

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